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Anti-wrinkle mask CollaMask

CollaMask - the youth and beauty of skin at any age

With age, face skin loses firmness and elasticity. And age-related changes as well as changes in hormonal levels contribute to that, leading to the loss of calcium and moisture. Reduced synthesis of estrogen, primary female beauty hormone, negatively affects the visual appearance: the skin begins to wrinkle and sag, facial contour becomes less defined and fit.

Until recently, dealing with such problems was only possible using rhytidectomy -  a tuck-up operation using surgical techniques. The procedure has certain risks and can lead to complications and therefore scientists have developed a solution to help manage the problems of aging skin and prevent their occurrence. We are talking about CollaMask - the collagen wrinkle mask.

The secret of youth

CollaMask is a face mask that has the texture of a cream. The mask is comprised of only natural ingredients that quickly penetrate to the deepest layers of the epidermis restoring the work of damaged cells, enrich tissues with oxygen and maintain the needed level of moisture content. The result is a fit, firm and radiant skin at any age.

The uniqueness of the mask is in an instant effect and high efficiency. Visible results can be achieved after the first use, the components of the cream don't lead to addiction and there is no need for constant use.

How does the mask work?

The search of physicians testaments about CollaMask in the UK shows that the cream recommended by leading dermatologists, cosmetologists and even plastic surgeons. The systematic use of the mask allows to achieve the following results:

Important! Amino acids in the mask's composition enhance the protective properties of the dermis and improve tissue immunity. If used regularly the active ingredients promote the removal of radicals, toxins and other toxic substances from deep layers of the skin.

The price of CollaMask in the UK is less than the cost of one facial care procedure in a beauty shop and if compared with the cost of a tuck-up operation, the advantage of the mask becomes evident.

Candid ingredients for your beauty

Composition of CollaMask is 100% natural. The mask's production is free of any harmful ingredients that could cause allergy, irritation or invoke inflammatory processes. All of the mask's components are carefully examined and undergo decontamination, and therefore the mask has discernible hypoallergic properties.

Component composition:




The main component of a healthy and beautiful skin. This protein makes the skin smooth, supple, flattens roughness,  makes the contour well-defined. Helps to restore damaged cells.

Amino acid complex

Enhance antioxidant characteristics, remove radicals and toxins from deep layers of the epidermis.

Palmarosa (oil)

Kills germs and bacteria, has discernible antiseptic properties.

Blue clay

Removes excess sebum and dust, contracts pores . Tones up and refreshes the complexion.


Normalizes water balance, hormonizes the complexion.

Sodium alginate

Extracted from marine algae (fucus, laminaria). Removes toxins from the skin.

To achieve maximum results it is necessary to know how to apply CollaMask in a right way.

How to use?

CollaMask manual in the UK does not recommend to use the mask more often than 2 times a week. To sustain the beauty and youthful look the mask should be used regularly according to the instruction.

Where to buy?

The mask's popularity grows every day and do cases of fraud and selling of fake products under the guise of the genuine one. To save money and be assured of getting the genuine product, order CollaMask in the UK on the official website only the link to which is below

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